Guillermo Carrillo

Real Estate Agent

Guillermo moved to San Diego from Mexico in 2006. He met Voltaire Lepe 2 years later in 2008 as Voltaire coached the basketball team that Memo joined. A few years later he moved to Bakersfield California and graduated high school in 2012. From there He attended Bakersfield Community College and worked two jobs to make ends meet. He worked part time as a Janitor at the college and as a sales attendant at a Hollister Store.

He decided to move back to San Diego and began working construction while attending San Diego City College. Around this time he reconnected with Voltaire. Voltaire realized the work ethic that he possessed and offered him a part time job in his real estate business which Memo gladly accepted. Memo enjoys very much giving his all for the clients of Lepe Tendwell Properties and earned his Real Estate license in 2017. He earned his Associates Degree in Business Management in Spring 2016 and is currently working on his Bachelor's Degree in Business Management at San Diego State University.



Contact Info:
Phone:  619-432-3405